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Video is to content what Value Propositions are to sales.

Designed for a captive audience that appreciates a thorough technical explanation, our ActiveDisclosure Now video exceeded our usual : 42 benchmark. It also exceeded our client’s expectations. And market analysis by our in-house Subject Matter Experts identified two new markets for our client’s enhanced software.

Ever wonder if your reason-to-buy ( Value Proposition ) is not accurate or relevant to the needs of your business category? Or if it has the compelling power to distinguish your brand from competitors?

Craig Clay

This is one of the best videos anyone has ever produced for DFS.
—Craig Clay, President, Global Capital Markets, Donnelley Financial Solutions

That’s why we focus on strategic elements like your Value Proposition, Competitive Positioning and Message Priority—the things that energize all your communications. Our discipline evaluates value statements based on their market appeal, exclusivity, clarity and credibility. We test within your company and out.

So that when we’re finished, it just might be the most valuable work anyone’s created for your company.

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