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Sales overnight. Brands over time.

Bush Communications is a Professional Services Marketing & Creative Design Agency.
For the past 20 years the Bush team has been dedicated to bringing great ideas to marketers.

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Value Proposition:

Your why to buy.

This is one of the most challenging marketing questions you will ever face. Why would a prospect buy from you versus your competition? Get this right and all your messaging will be stronger.

We developed the tools and criteria to distill our clients value proposition(s) that are unique to them; that the marketplace valued and that no one else was providing. Then we put it everywhere a prospect could see it to built the brand.

We help create and build your personality, discover your value proposition and refresh your brand creative and messaging. And we position you as always evolving, always innovating, always striving to be new.


never gets old—or easier.

Many of our clients are 50-100 years in business selling into very mature, and crowded markets.

We help them stay relevant with refreshed appearance, positioning and making the most of their product innovations.




Research & Strategy

We know what questions to ask.

We’ve found that your customers will tell a third party (like us) a lot of what you need to know, and need to do. All we have to do is listen, vette, create and execute.

We do all pretty well.

You may be 50

but you don’t have to look it.

We avoid cheesy stock images that your competitors are most likely using (no more handshakes or puzzle pieces please). Our approach to concept and design is current and fits your personality. Always remembering that younger professionals continually need to be introduced and educated about your business.

So our creative and design is built to capture the attention of all decision makers. Young or Old.

Jim Bush

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we're better, together.

Jim Bush leads our team’s strategic thinking, helping clients who are “fighting to be new.” He directs idea-driven campaigns that continually promote client relevance. Talk to Jim.